Alhambra is up for sale - must go by the end of August

Alhambra is up for sale - must go by the end of August

We are heartbroken to announce that we have taken the decision to sell up. Although we love, and are so proud of our business, without backing we just can't make it work - we have taken it as far as we can as a tiny team of three.

We truly believe the company has the potential to grow exponentially, if only somebody would invest some money (to boost visibility) and employ more staff to make the workload manageable. If you are interested, please get in touch

Most importantly, we want to thank all of our wonderful clients over the years for putting their faith in us. We have supplied tiles to some wonderful projects, as you can see on this website. I've just been putting a last few case studies online because I couldn't resist it. The choices of Richard Farrow were so interesting in that he used our three most popular lines in his Sydenham home. I hope you'll all agree it looks gorgeous. A lasting legacy, perhaps.

Rebecca Leathlean

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