New Year, New Tiles!

Can't believe it's February already, but we've started as we mean to go on - getting lots of fabulous new products online. We visited the Cevisama tile show in Valencia last month to catch up with existing suppliers and find some new ones. First to hit the website are some beautiful new terracotta products - including coloured terracotta and even circular tiles! See them now, in our Terracotta Tile pages

We also sell natural terracotta at very reasonable prices. It's a medium that's growing in popularity, and has been used very creatively and effectively by some of our favourite clients, such as NimTIm Architects, who have been creating quite a stir with their Block House project in which they used terracotta tiles from Alhambra. Starting at £18.41 per sq metre (trade*), it's cost effective as well as classy!

Project of the Month - Sensational Lattice Bricks
Many thanks to TMJ Interiors for sending photos of Alhambra's unique Gaudi Lattice Bricks in a recent London office development. We love the inspired way in which they have used Design 12, Design 8 and Design 7
See the full range of Gaudi Lattice Bricks here

New-In Pages

We aim to get our new finds online promptly, and you can find many of them first on our New In Page (sometimes without the pricing info, in which case please just contact us
Recent additions include our fabulous Tropical Mural tiles as well as Marbling and Eclipse. There really is a whole universe of tiles out there!

Below is a sneak peek at some new collections coming soon - but available already - with 10% off if you order before 29 March 2019!

Our Cevisama Top Ten

1: Tin Tiles
Tin Tiles look set to be big this year. Our favourites were these in White Tin, Green Tin, Lead Tin, Copper Tin and Charcoal Tin. Plain White tiles are also available to complement the range. Trade Price from £34.61 per sq m*.
For more info on our Tin Tiles, please contact us

2. Lovely Retro Tiles
Something really fresh and different...

For more info on our new Retro Range, please contact us

3. Giant Terrazzo in Interesting Colours
We now offer very large-scale Terrazzo. 

For more info on Terrazzo options, please contact us

4. All Sorts of Zellige
Zellige-style and glassy tiles were out in abundance, with many different colourways on offer.

For more info on Zellige-style colours and prices, please contact us

5. Eastern Promise
Well, one of our USPs is that we sell only Spanish tiles, but we were wowed by this amazing offer from Japan, so willing to make an exception to the rule. It's pretty pricey, but very special for the right client, maybe!

If you'd like to splash out on these beautiful tiles, please contact us

6: Flags, Dashes & Mosaics
A few quirky flooring options were on offer from our best suppliers. We love the businessmen's feet walking across the top one. Porcelain is a top choice for a busy environment - it's so easy to keep clean!

Flags: Trade Price from £59.89 per sq m* 
Dashes: Trade Price from £32.52 per sq m* 
Mosaics: Trade Price from £79.29 per sq m*
For more info on our new flooring finds, please contact us

7. Industrial Graffiti

We thought this was very 'us'. Loved the interesting colourways and hints of words and pictures within the tiles. R10 slip resistance. Trade Price from £70 per sq m*. 
For more info on our Industrial Graffiti Tiles, please contact us

8. Heritage Colours and More
We met a fabulous Australian family business while at Cevisama and they put us on to a new company with some rather nice deep colours on offer. We have been asked for Heritage colours before, so wondered if this might fit the bill... We liked the cheerful patterns too!

For more info on our Heritage Tiles, please contact us

9. Moorish Designs in Large Format

Loyal Customers might recognise this pattern from our handmade Granada Range. Here it is, in large-format, high quality porcelain, 59.55x59.55cm and 30x100cm ceramic for the walls from £42.40 per sq m*. There are two main colourways, as well as plain white (see behind bed) and bling bling Gold. Perfect for a Spanish or Moroccan restaurant project.
For more info on our Moorish Designs in Large Format, please contact us

10. A Great Alternative to Cement Encaustic Tiles

These tiles look just like traditional cement encaustic tiles, 20x20cm and approx 1cm thick. However, they are made from Porcelain Stoneware and are tougher and less expensive, at around £50 per sq m (trade)*. Bespoke designs and colours are available as well as a range of beautiful patterns, both traditional and modern. The colours are nice and soft, just like our cement encaustic tile range.
For more info on porcelain stoneware encaustic designs, please contact us

February Offer 
Well, it's just over one month to go until Brexit, so here's a special pre-Brexit offer: we're offering 10% off all orders of 10 sq m or more from the above Top 10, right up until March 29. In the event of a hard Brexit, there is a possibility that lead times might temporarily be longer - so please be sure to get your orders in before 29 March if at all possible.

Lastly, please don't forget, we can source almost anything!

At Alhambra, we are well known for our beautiful, niche tiles. A lesser-known fact is that we can source almost anything - from the largest concrete slabs to the tiniest mosaics. Pease don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need us to source tiles for a project. We are here to help you and we, like our suppliers, always go the extra mile.

"Alhambra understood what I was asking for and the look I was trying to achieve. You did all the research, interpreted my needs very well and pointed me towards specific products. Your work was intelligently and sensitively done, and this is what sets you apart. Also, Alhambra's supply chain puts you on the front foot in terms of innovation." MAB Architects Ltd.

*We quote trade prices in this blog as most of our clients are B2B business clients. Contract prices to business clients for orders of 30 sq m or more are lower than the trade prices, and retail prices, as given on our product pages, are higher. Please check with us if you are unsure.

Rebecca Leathlean

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