Antic Wall Tiles

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Material Size Tiles per sqm Colour Pattern Finish Slip- rating Thickness Location Price before VAT/m2 Price inc.VAT/ m2
Ceramic 13x13cm 60

 All Colours

Plain Glazed _ 9mm Wall £50.55 £60.65
Ceramic  13x13cm 60

Patchwork of greys

Plain Glazed _ 9mm Wall £53.84 £64.60
Ceramic 7.5x15cm 88

 All Colours

Plain  Glazed _ 9mm Wall £51.82 £62.00
Ceramic 7.5x15cm 88

Patchwork of greys

Plain Glazed _ 9mm Wall £53.84 £64.60


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Fun collection of wall tiles with rustic edges, in a vast variety of colours. Great to give walls a bit of texture. 

Available as individual colours and as a patchwork of the three greys: Light, Medium & Dark in 13x13cm and 7.5x15cm.

Colours 13x13cm: White, Bone, Cream 83, Tobacco, Brown, Turquoise, Cobalt, Anthracite, Black, Red, Light Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, Pink & Blue.

Colours 7.5x15cm:  White, Cream 83, Tobacco, Brown, Yellow, Cobalt, Turquoise, Green, Green Vic, Red, Light Grey, Med Grey, Dark Grey, Graphite, Anthracite & Black.

Price by sqm. Sold by sqm.

Edging tiles available in each colour. 

To order a sample, please click on your choice above. You may also make an appointment to come and see the tiles in person. 

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