About Encaustic Tiles

Blue geometric cement encaustic tile

The 20x20cm cement encaustic tiles are popularly used for floors and walls in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and more. They are handmade by a father and daughter team, using natural colours and materials from an approved quarry which guarantees respect for the environment.

There are more than 150 tile designs available with a variety of borders to match. You choose your own colours as standard. You can have your own bespoke design created, too. 

Create Your Own Encaustic Tile
Create your own encaustic tile on our Interactive Tile Chooser. There are around 80 patterns on the chooser. You can try out any number of colour combinations and send them directly to us.

Full Range of Encaustic Tile Designs (pdf)
Please note, all patterns available in ANY colourway. See them here: 
Full Range of Encaustic Tile Designs (pdf) 

Hundreds of Colours
We have around 150 colours to choose from. See the most popular ones here:
Popular Tile Colours

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