We work mainly with trade professionals, but welcome private homeowners ordering at least 10 sq m of tiles


Encaustic Patchwork tiles from Alhambra TIles
Clapham Refurbishment

Terracotta Hexagons from Alhambra Tiles
Terracotta Hexagons

Bespoke Encautic Patchwork
Kensington Penthouse

Cement-style Porcelain

French Chateau

Waterloo Kitchen

Modernist Splashback
Architects' House

Porcelain 'Carpet' as a Splashback

Encaustic Patchwork in an Ibiza kitchen

Ibiza Patchwork

Picasso Colour Patchwork
Picasso Patchwork Tiles

Rhomboid Encaustic Splashback

Granada Tiles Splashback

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