Kensington Penthouse

Designer: Ramses Frederickx
Product: Bespoke Encaustic Patchwork

Interior architect Ramses Frederickx came to us looking for encaustic kitchen floor tiles for a penthouse flat in Kensington. 

The penthouse ranges across the top three floors of a listed Georgian building, with an open plan kitchen and living room at the top. Ramses got permission to raise the roof and build a roof terrace with a miniature garden and giant planters. Long skylights were installed across the breadth of the ceiling. “The client wanted characterful fixtures and fittings,” Ramses recalls. “We decided on a bespoke kitchen from Siematic and then he came up with the idea for a patchwork floor. He wanted something more natural-looking to complement the glossy units. We must have called every tile shop in London but no one had what we wanted - until we found Alhambra! 

“The interactive chooser was really helpful. We took the images from there and dropped in the colours. Then we Photoshopped everything together to come up with a patchwork pattern we liked.

“We also used the patchwork encaustic tiles in the toilet, as a complement to the natural slate fittings.”

Before he ordered, Ramses visited our shop to see the colours in reality. We have a full set of sample squares which can be bought and we can generate views of patchwork designs in some cases.

So, is the client happy?

“Yes, indeed,” Ramses says. “We always like to give our clients a big say, and we managed to achieve what he wanted. He's very pleased with the end result.


Feel free to contact us about how you could use these tiles in your own project:


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