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Spanish tiles for beautiful homes. Unique tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways.

Kitchen tiles Kitchen tiles Bathroom tiles Bathroom tiles Dinging rom tiles Dining & living room tiles
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  Please click on the links below to see examples and for inspiration.
Bathroom files, Cornwall Fallen Angel, Cornwall This couple used our encaustic Pinky Patchwork, plus Modern Industrial Ghost in both plain and patterned throughout their fabulous honeymoon retreat in Mousehole, Cornwall.
Sydenham Designer Home Sydenham Designer Home A fabulous use of our three most popular collections in this beautiful South London home. As for the bathroom with our Carpet tile, we think it is pure perfection. What a harmonious place to soak in and relax!
 Encaustic tiles, Clapham Clapham Refurbishment The homeowners chose a vibrant patchwork to complement their high-spec kitchen and a more muted grey and white design for their hallway. Our Spanish suppliers can always provide a wonderful selection of colours and patterns.
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