We have a variety of Spanish bathroom tiles for use on floors, walls, splashbacks, and showers. See how different tiles have been used in these bathroom projects:


Porcelain Ghost Bathroom tiles

Porcelain Ghost Patchwork

Encaustic Chevrons


Retro tile bathroom
Bespoke Encaustic Tiles


Porcelain Ghost patchwork
Porcelain Ghost Patchwork

Forest Hill Bathroom

French shower
French Shower

Plain Ghost Shower

Contemporary Retro Mash-Up

Chinese-Style Cement Tiles

Picasso Monochrome Patchwork by Alhambra Tiles
Picasso Monochrome Patchwork

Bespoke Encaustic Tiles from Alhambra Tiles
Highland Bathroom

Rainforest Shower

Rhomboid Bathroom

Crystal Palace Bathroom

Porcelain Encaustic Petals

Lozenge Bathroom

Russet Encaustic Patchwork
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