Encaustic Tiles - FAQ

1. How big are the tiles?
Cement encaustic tiles are 20x20cm and either 18mm or 22mm thick. They can occasionally be made smaller - please ask us for details. Hexagon tiles come in two sizes: 20x23cm with 11.5cm sides and 27.5 x 31.6cm with 16cm sides.

2. Can you send me an encaustic tile sample?
Yes, but we need to charge £15 to cover the tile, postage and packing. 

3. What encaustic tiles do you have in stock?
To see the most up-to-date list of our encaustic tiles in stock, please contact us for an up to date stocklist 

4. Can you recommend a tiler to lay the encaustic cement tiles?
We do not know any tilers well enough to be able to recommend them. However, we do offer a thorough guide to laying encaustic tiles on our technical page 
If you cannot find a tiler who is experienced in laying encaustic tiles, look for one who is used to working with natural stone or marble as similar principles apply. You can also visit The Tile Association to find a member tiler in your area.

5. Do you have a minimum order?
We have a minimum order of 10 sqm, with the exception being encaustic patchworks in stock. 

6. How much is delivery?
Tiles are delivered to your premises direct from Spain. Each sq metre of cement tiles weighs up to 50kg (standard 22mm-thick tiles). We quote for each job individually, so please give us your full postcode when you make an enquiry. 

7. Are bespoke patterns more expensive?
A bespoke pattern of one design + a border is not more expensive, and bespoke patchworks are not more expensive as long as they are not too complex. However, we do charge a supplement for more complex patchworks (more than five designs, each in your own very particular colourway) due to the extra work involved. Supplements range from between 15 and 100 per cent (the latter would be for an extremely 'special patchwork' comprising one or two tiles each of over 30 individual patterns, each tile in your own prescribed colourway). However, please don't be put off - each case is different and if the patterns were simple ones the cost could be lower. Please always ask us to quote you.

8. Can you recreate my own pattern on an encaustic tile?
Yes, we can recreate almost any pattern as long as you own the copyright and give us a full-size template to work from. There is a one-off fee to make a mould - from about £125 for a simple design.

We can also produce bespoke glazed tiles, for example murals. Our Granada tile suppliers are skilled in this. Please ask us for more information.

9. Does underfloor heating work well with the cement / porcelain tiles?
Yes, indeed. Cement conducts heat, so they are a perfect choice. For answers to more technical questions, please see our technical page

10. How soon can my tiles be delivered?
Tiles in stock in Spain - within 2 weeks
Bespoke orders
Granada range - within a month
Encaustic tiles - within six or eight weeks as they need time to dry before shipping.
We can sometimes rush encaustic tile orders through, for a flat fee of £500.

11. When can I come into the showroom?
We are open by appointment only during the week. Weekend appointments are sometimes available to clients paying an advance deposit of £50, refundable on tile orders of 5 sq m or more.

12. Can any of Alhambra's tile ranges be used outside? Yes! Please visit our Garden Tiles collection. Our encaustic cement tiles are fine for use outdoors as long as they are very well-sealed. It is important to keep the grout around them well-sealed, too, so water cannot penetrate and freeze in the winter. For this reason, we usually advise clients to keep the encaustic tiles close to their house or to use them for a smaller feature area or border. Remember, you can choose your own bespoke patterns and colours with our Interactive Tile Chooser


We often recommend our reclaimed encaustic tiles for garden projects, too. These will have been toughened up over the years, and are not pristine - so can be a practical choice! For info on reclaimed tiles available, please contact us 

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