The Eden Project

Client: The Eden Project
Product: Handmade Terracotta

Alhambra was proud to supply a range of handmade terracotta tiles for the Eden Project's new Mediterranean Perfume Garden.

Catherine Cutler, Mediterranean Biome Supervisor at Eden Project, specified terracotta tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes, including some small rectangular ones to act as edging.

Says Catherine:

"What I really like about these gorgeous hand-made tiles are the variety of tones and the natural variation, which are unmatched by factory-produced tiles. These features really add to the authenticity of our beautiful new Mediterranean Perfume Garden. It was great to be able to use a variety of shapes and sizes (I particularly like the hexagonal tiles) and so helpful that the tile makers in Spain could make the bespoke rectangular shape … meaning it has all just come together so well."

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