Terracotta: Square insets

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Square terracotta insets

Authentic natural and hand-glazed terracotta suitable for floors and walls. Made in Spain by the traditional process of extrusion, in which prepared clay is fed into a machine that pushes the mix through a mould.

Terracotta tiles are very versatile. Insets can be used with octagonal tiles, square tiles, or mixed with other shapes to make interesting compositions. 

It’s characteristic of terracotta to have slight colour and texture variations. Natural terracotta must always be sealed, and your choice of sealant will determine the finish and slip-resistance.

Material Size Finish Thickness Price p/tile before VAT Price p/tile with VAT
Terracotta 3x3cm Natural 1.6cm £0.70 £0.84
Terracotta 3x3cm Colour - glazed 1.6cm £1.70 £2.04
Terracotta 5x5cm Natural 2.2cm £0.70 £0.84
Terracotta 5x5cm Colour - glazed 1.6cm £1.85 £2.22
Terracotta 8.5x8.5cm Natural 2.2cm £0.70 £0.84
Terracotta 8.5x8.5cm Colour - glazed 2.2cm £2.35 £2.82

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